In the creation of my first text based adventure game, Overlord Escape, I learned various techniques that helped me throughout the game. These techniques include learning how to script a game through storytelling, incorporating music, and using keycodes to transition between parts of the game.

One of the major factors of game creation is storytelling. I used this technique in my game to tell a fun, light-hearted story of taking down an ape overlord using a player's own intuition. There are multiple ways to beat the game. One of the other aspects of the game that really brings it to life would have to be the music. The music sets the tone for the player of the game. Finally, while scripting my game I used the GetKeyDown function to allow the player to transition through the story using various keys on the keyboard.

In conclusion, the creation of Overlord Escape has been a new experience to me and helped to further my ability to script and design games through my own take on things.

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